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Recruitment for a doctoral scholarship under the project:
Familydemic: Short and long-term effects of the COVID-19 outbreak policy responses on partners’ division of paid and unpaid work and their labour market outcomes funded by the Polish National Science Centre, grant no. 2020/37/B/HS5/02703 (Principal investigator: dr hab. Anna Kurowska, prof. UW).
The project is carried out in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Center for Labour Market and Family Dynamics – LABFAM, headed by Prof. Anna Matysiak, and in cooperation with scientists from the US, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Italy.
Recruitment is conducted by the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, Department of Policy Research Methodology, at the University of Warsaw, Poland.

Job title: PhD student – research scholarship.

Number of positions: 1

The candidate should:
● hold (at least) a master’s degree or have a set deadline for defending a master’s thesis by the end of July 2021;
● be ready to undertake doctoral studies at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw from October 1, 2021 and to carry out preparatory work in the project from June 20, 2021;
● be ready to write a doctoral dissertation related to the subject of the project under the supervision of Prof. Anna Kurowska;
● have excellent knowledge of modern statistical data analysis techniques and statistical packages (e.g. STATA, R or similar) and excellent analytical skills;
● have experience in working with statistical data sets (experience in working with data from surveys will be an asset);
● show interest in the subject of the project;
● have general knowledge of the labour market, family or public policies;
● have a very good command of the English language;
● demonstrate a very good work organization, reliability, punctuality and have excellent communication skills.

Description of tasks/expectations from PhD student:
● writing a doctoral disertation under the supervision of Prof. Anna Kurowska, on a topic directly related to the project; the topic will be selected in agreement with the supervisor;
● defending the doctoral dissertation – no later than on December 31, 2024;
● engaging in other tasks related to the implementation of the project, including:
o a review of English-language literature,
o obtaining statistical data, assistance in the work on the questionnaire and research documentation, as well as preparation of data from the survey for analysis and carrying out analyses in cooperation with the principal investigator and other members of the research team;
● co-authoring scientific papers within the project;
● presenting project results at international conferences;
● participating in research activities and events organized as part of the project;
● participating in research activities and events organized by the LABFAM team.

Employment conditions – two options:
1)If the candidate is selected in the recruitment process under the project (recruitment details below), then they may (which is strongly encouraged) also take part in the recruitment process to the Doctoral School of Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw in the regular mode (details of this recruitment can be found on the SDNS UW website – here).
In the event of a positive result in recruitment to SDNS, the doctoral student will receive two scholarships: a scholarship from the doctoral school (in the amount and on the terms indicated on the SDNS UW website) and a project scholarship of PLN 5,000 (the scholarship from the project is this option is not subject to social security contributions).
2) If, on the other hand, the candidate does not take part in the recruitment for SDNS or fails to enter SDNS UW in the regular procedure, then the principal investigator will apply to SDNS UW for recognition of the recruitment process under the project, and after obtaining the consent of the Director of SDNS UW, the doctoral student will only receive project scholarship in the amount of PLN 5,000 (gross) , which is subject to social security contributions (approx. 30%).

The period of scholarship financing under the project: from 01/10/2021 until obtaining the PhD title, but no longer than until the end of the project duration.

Recruitment process:
Persons interested in participating in the project are requested to send the required documents via e-mail to:

A special three-person jury with the project manager as chairperson will select the best candidates (stage I of the competition), on the basis of the submitted applications, who will be invited to an online interview (stage II of the competition). The scholarship committee assesses the candidate’s scientific achievements to date, her/his achievements resulting
from conducting scientific research and competences to carry out specific tasks in the research project, on a point scale in accordance with article no 12 of the NCN Regulations.

Recruitment for the project will be carried out on the basis of the NCN regulations:

Required documents:
● a diploma of completing uniform master’s studies or second-cycle studies or a certificate of obtaining a master’s degree or a declaration that the diploma or a certificate of obtaining a master’s degree will be delivered by August 31, 2021.
● statement on the level of English proficiency with justification;
● professional CV, including contact details, with:
• e-mail address and telephone number,
• previous education and employment details,
• a list of scientific and research achievements to date, including in particular:
scholarships, internships, study trips, awards, distinctions, completed trainings/summer schools, participation in research projects (with a detailed description of the tasks performed), experience with data analysis, knowledge of statistical packages, scientific publications (also those accepted for publication) , international cooperation, speeches at scientific conferences;
● a cover letter in which the candidate explains how he/she meets the criteria presented in the offer and why they decided to apply for this position (max 3 pages),
● master’s thesis defended or submitted for review and, if the candidate has one, one coauthored or single-authored selected scientific publication;
● filled form regarding information on the processing of personal data (available here)
A letter of support written by the researcher with whom the candidate has worked so far will be welcomed. The selection board will have the right to contact the author of such a letter for further information on the candidate.

Recruitment for the project – deadlines:
Application submission deadline: June 6, 2021
Stage II online interviews will take place on June 10-15, 2021
Competition settlement date: June 16, 2021
Regular recruitment to SDNS (optional):
Deadline for submitting documents for recruitment to the SDNS: June 28, 2021

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