About LabFam

Interdisciplinary Centre for Labour Market and Family Dynamics (LabFam)

is a research centre established at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw thanks to the financial support of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA, Polish Returns 2019).

Our major aim is to conduct high quality rigorous research on interdependencies between economic activity of individuals and their family life in a comparative cross-national perspective. In particular, we study how the dynamic transformations in the labour market, caused by technological change, globalisation, development of the green economy or ageing, affect families (e.g. formation of partnerships and their stability, childbearing decisions or family well-being) and how family life influences men’s and women’s position in the dynamically transforming labour markets. We also investigate the role public policies, labour market institutions or social norms play in shaping these interrelationships.

Even though LabFam is established at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, it adopts an interdisciplinary perspective in order to better understand the studied phenomena and seeks to integrate representatives of such disciplines as demography, economics, sociology, political science, psychology or social statistics.

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