Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Economic Sciences, Chair of Statistics and Econometrics

Dr. Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska is an Assistant Professor at LabFam and the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. She works on topics related to labour, family and gender economics, with a special focus on the impact of fertility and child rearing. She is an awardee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Poland) and the Foundation for Polish Science, among others.
Reviewed articles

Cukrowska-Torzewska, E. & Grabowska, M. (2023). The sex preference for children in Europe: Children’s sex and the probability and timing of births. Demographic Research, 48 (8): 203-232

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Cukrowska, E. 2014., Is it the labor market that undervalues women or women themselves? Evidence from Poland, Quantitative Methods in Economics 15(1): 18-29.


International grants


Visegrad grant from the International Visegrad Fund: „Promoting Research and Discussion on the Roles of Gender and Family in Local Labor Market” (within Virtual Research Collaboration on Gender and Family in the Labour Market group)


GDN grant: „The impact of parenthood status on male-female wage differentials: Are children driving the gender wage gap? Evidence from Poland and Hungary” (together with Anna Lovász – Principal Investigator)

The impact of child-rearing on men’s and women’s careers, gender wage inequality, family policies, gender segregation and education choices, gender dimension of the labour market impact of new technologies