Research Assistant

Research Assistant

Faculty of Economic Sciences, LabFam

I am a Research Assistant at Labfam with a background in econometrics. My primary research interests cover technological change-driven labour market change and its impact on fertility in Europe. Secondarily, I am also interested in economic inequality, and especially labour market inequality. Privately, I am passionate for sports: Iyengar yoga, road bike, climbing, caving. I also enjoy reading non-fiction literature and cooking vegan cuisine. I’m active on Twitter @HonorataBogusz
Reviewed articles

Matysiak, A., Bellani, D. & Bogusz, H. Industrial Robots and Regional Fertility in European Countries. Eur J Population 39, 11 (2023).


Bogusz, H., Winnicki, S. & Wójcik, P. What factors contribute to uneven suburbanisation? Predicting the number of migrants from Warsaw to its suburbs with machine learning. Ann Reg Sci (2023).

National Science Centre

OPUS, „Birth spacing and women’s labor market outcomes” ……….

automation, labour market, fertility, gender equality, urbanization