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LabFam researcher with a prestigious award!

We’re most excited, proud and happy that our Research team member- Dr. Beata Osiewalska has been awarded a prestigious awar by Polish Academy of Sciences for 2021 in Demography. The Academy panel appreciated her monography Socioeconomic status and childlessness and parenthood of couples

The aim of her study is to examine the influence of couples’ socio-economic status on reproductive behaviour, taking into account the specificity of childless couples’ behaviour and the population of parents. It considers both total offspring and permanent childlessness, as well as the reproductive behaviour of couples in the context of postponing parenthood and the number of children born so far. The socio-economic status of the couple is measured by the education level, field of study and occupation of both partners. Four European countries with different social, economic and cultural backgrounds were included in the analysis. These are Bulgaria, France, Norway and Poland. The paper uses data from the international Generations and Gender Survey, and for joint modelling of childlessness and parenthood of couples a novel in demography Poisson-type hurdle model with excess zeros was used.

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