Globalization- and Technology-Driven Labour Market Change and Fertility (LABFER), ERC Consolidator Grant, PI: Anna Matysiak

LABFER is the first project which will comprehensively study fertility decisions in the changing world of work.

Technological change and globalisation have led to unprecedented transformations in the way we live and work. New jobs and earnings opportunities are emerging and we are now more flexible in how, where and when we work. On the other hand, however, the demands on workers increased with the intensification of the global competition and the availability of smartphones and internet makes it more and more difficult to disconnect from work.
These changes have tremendous impact on various aspects of our lives, such as our time availability, economic and mental well-being or health. They are also influencing our family lives, including childbearing decisions, yet this influence has neither been studied nor understood.
LABFER will be thus the first project which will comprehensively describe and evaluate the consequences of these dramatic labour market transformations on fertility.

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